There’s lots of blogologists (not a word) out there that say in order to have a successful blog, you need to establish your “niche.” I’m considering declaring Adult Milkshakes my niche.

I mean seriously, first the Frozen Peppermint Mocha Mudslide, then the Frozen Irish Coffee, and now this Cherry Vanilla Bourbon Shake…when does it stop?

Never. It never stops.

If I were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring 3 things, they would likely be ice cream, some booze, and a blender. Done and done.

And cherries in June are really the best thing! I think I’m eating roughly a pound a week. That’s ok, right?
I’ve also had a bottle of black cherry bourbon sitting on top of my fridge for quite a while now. For me, cherry flavored things are tricky. If not balanced out the right way, they almost always tasted like cough syrup to me. Gross!

It turns out that a really good way to balance out this flavoring is ICE CREAM. Ice cream to the rescue, ya’ll! I think just plain vanilla bean is great for this because it really lets the cherries shine. Plus check out that beautiful color they are lending!

If you’re making this out of season, go ahead and substitute some Bourbon Soaked Cherries! You might not get the same vibrant color but the bourbon flavor will be even richer!


Makes 1 shake*

3 scoops vanilla ice cream
1 1/2 oz. (3 tbsp.) whole milk
1 1/2 oz. (3 tbsp.) cherry bourbon, such as Jim Beam Red Stag
9 fresh cherries (any variety but sour)

Whipped cream and fresh cherry for topping

*To make this for a crowd, simply add 1/2 oz. cherry bourbon, 1/2 oz. whole milk, and 3 cherries per scoop of vanilla ice cream

Remove the pits from the cherries using the method of your choosing. (I just used a pairing knife as there is no need to keep the cherries whole!)

Add the ice cream, milk, bourbon, and pitted cherries to the bowl of a blender. Blend until well combined. Pour into the glass of your choosing and top with whipped cream and a fresh cherry. Enjoy immediately!

  • This looks so inviting! I’ve been wanting to make an ice cream shake this summer but haven’t had a chance to yet. I love the addition of bourbon with cherries!
    Julie @ Sweet and Spicy Monkey

    • Thanks, Julie! If you don’t mind a little spike in your shake you should check out my “Adult Milkshakes” under Drink!

      • I’ll have to check that out Carolyn!
        Julie @ Sweet and Spicy Monkey