If there’s one thing I can’t deal with, it’s being surrounded by white walls. It makes me feel like I am going in insane. I once worked in an office surrounded only by empty whites walls, without a window in sight. I waited everyday for them to bring me my straight jacket.

Having also just moved into a new apartment, I know first hand how expensive it can be decorate a new space! Like, crazy expensive!

One of my favorite solutions? Framed gift wrap! Many independent stationary shops, plus larger chains like Paper Source and Papyrus, carry some of the most beautiful gift wrap. It often comes in sheets perfectly sized to fit a standard frame. It can also be easy cut to fit multiple smaller frames, and is literally a fraction of the cost of most wall art prints.

Here are a few of my favorite choices for framed gift wrap that will look beautiful throughout your apartment:
Cavallini Papers & Co. Vintage Maps, $3.95 per sheet (also pictured above): Cavallini Papers & Co. has an awesome collection of vintage map gift wrap that I don’t think I could ever intentionally let be torn up! They feature countries like Italy and the UK, cities like Paris and Venice, plus more!

I purchased the frame for the above map of Manhattan for about $20 at Michaels, making this whole 20”x28” hanging just about $25…not bad!
Papyrus Femme Floral Wrap, $5.95 per roll, : I absolutely love this pattern and will likely be putting it up in our bathroom soon! Using square record frames and rotating the pattern with each hanging will make each panel look a little different.
Cavallini Papers & Co. Donuts Wrap and Macarons Wrap, $2.95 per sheet: I love how colorful both of these prints are! They would look awesome side by side in a kitchen, office, or any other space that needs a little color!

What are you favorite solutions for low-budget decor?

  • Gail

    This is a great idea! For years, I have spent money on cards in many cities and countries. I have beautiful fans from Japan and shell cut outs from a beach vacation. All inexpensive, easy to mount in frames, and easy to rotate out when you get tired of them.

    • Carolyn

      Yes absolutely! I love the idea of framing all those! I especially love the idea of doing this for a bathroom – I’m always afraid of the humidity ruining a well-loved and/or expensive print or painting.