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The arrival of the pomegranate is one of my favorite things of autumn. Pomegranate seeds can be mixed into salads or desserts for a little extra taste of fall. My favorite use is to sprinkle them on top of oven roasted brussels sprouts!

Their bright color and tangy burst of flavor make them a perfectly simple way to dress up any dish…as long as you know how to get them out of their shell.

Pomegranate seeds are inside a thickly skinned fruit protected by a thin and sticky membrane. If you don’t know how to seed a pomegranate the right way, trying to get those suckers out can be a disaster.

There are a few different ways to seed a pomegranate, but this is my method of choice:
Remove the top
First, identify which end of the pomegranate is the top. It’s the end with the spout-like stem sticking out. Then, slice this end completely off, but only about 1/4 to a 1/2 inch deep into the pomegranate.

You want to open the pomegranate so the seeds are fully exposed (as pictured) but don’t want to take too many seeds with you in the top. It’s ok if there’s a few, though.
Divide along the membrane
Once you’ve sliced the pomegranate open, you’ll see there is a thin, white membrane that stems from the center and divides the fruit into sections. Each section is filled with seeds.

Slowly and carefully slice through the thick skin of the pomegranate, right where each white membrane meets the skin. Go just deep enough to fully pierce the skin about 3/4 of the way down the pomegranate.
Separate the wedges & tap out the seeds
Once you’ve made slits along the outside of the pomegranate, they should seem like wedges that are all connected at the bottom of the fruit. Hold the pomegranate with both hands, with your fingers cradling the bottom and your thumbs resting on the exposed seeds.

Using your thumbs, gently pull the wedges away from the center. The seeds will be sticking to the membrane, so be careful to pop as few as you can.

Once you have pulled the the wedges from the center, flip the pomegranate over. Standing over a bowl, use the back of a wooden spoon to tap the skin. Most of the seeds will gradually release from the membrane. Be patient! This part takes a little time.
Pull out remaining seeds & eat!
Once you’ve gotten most of the seeds out by tapping the back, gently use your fingers to release any seeds that are still stuck to the membrane. If there were any seeds in the top you sliced off, gently turn the top inside out to release those seeds.

Sift through your bowl of fresh pomegranate seeds and remove any large bits of the white membrane. Enjoy immediately or refrigerate in an air-tight container!


As the whether gets colder, I inevitably spend more time at home. And that has me wanting to freshen things up in here a bit! What better excuse than a little fall and holiday decor?

I’m always looking for a few things to celebrate the arrival of my favorite season. To me, fall and winter are characterized by delicious comfort food around a table with friends and family. So, the table is what I love to focus most on! Here are a few of my latest fall tabletop finds:

  1. Ikea | Sittning Vase | $9.99
  2. Modcloth | Winter Cocktails Book | $22.99
  3. Crate & Barrel | Linen Table Runner | $49.95
  4. Target | Gold Flatware Set | $19.99 for one 5-piece set
  5. Zara Home | Skull Wine Glass | $5.95 each
  6. H&M Home | Gold Acorn Plate | $12.99
  7. One Kings Lane | Amber Highball Glasses | $6.00 for set of 4
  8. World Market | Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein Dinnerware | $27.96 for set of 4

Happy Fall!