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As the whether gets colder, I inevitably spend more time at home. And that has me wanting to freshen things up in here a bit! What better excuse than a little fall and holiday decor?

I’m always looking for a few things to celebrate the arrival of my favorite season. To me, fall and winter are characterized by delicious comfort food around a table with friends and family. So, the table is what I love to focus most on! Here are a few of my latest fall tabletop finds:

  1. Ikea | Sittning Vase | $9.99
  2. Modcloth | Winter Cocktails Book | $22.99
  3. Crate & Barrel | Linen Table Runner | $49.95
  4. Target | Gold Flatware Set | $19.99 for one 5-piece set
  5. Zara Home | Skull Wine Glass | $5.95 each
  6. H&M Home | Gold Acorn Plate | $12.99
  7. One Kings Lane | Amber Highball Glasses | $6.00 for set of 4
  8. World Market | Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein Dinnerware | $27.96 for set of 4

Happy Fall!


We’re down to one last room in our apartment to complete, and it’s going to be a home office! We both work from home often, so we’re really excited to have a designated space for us to get our shit done. Especially excited to maybe start eating dinner at our table more often, given the hope is it won’t be covered in laptops and chargers and papers and whatever else. #AdultGoals.

In pulling it together, though, I’ve learned once again just how expensive it can be to design a space like this. Or, if you look hard enough, how inexpensive! Below I’ve pulled together two really similar schemes. One’s a splurge coming in well over $2k. The other one comes in at a mere fraction!



Desk | Interior Homescapes | $1,687.50
Chair | CB2 | $229.00
Lamp | Zara Home | $169.00
Wall Art | Urban Outfitters | $59.00
Pencil Holder | Anthropologie | $48.00
Total: $2,192.50



Desk | Overstock.com | $175.99
Chair | IKEA | $19.99
Lamp Base | Target | $29.99
Lamp Shade | Target | $16.99
Wall Art | ModCloth | $24.99
Pencil Holder | Target | $14.99
Total: $282.94

So, what do you think? Splurge or Save? Or meet in the middle?


Furnishing and decorating a new space (or updating one you’ve been in for a while) is not an inexpensive job. There’s just no way around it. But, for every piece you must have (maybe it really just ties the room together) regardless of the price tag, there’s usually a cheaper option.

Here are some splurge or save (or both!) options that can meet just about any budget:


Graphic Throw Pillow

Save: H&M Home: $9.99
Splurge: DENY Designs: $39.00

Acrylic Sphere Table Lamp

Save: Target Base, $19.99 and Target Lampshade, $16.00
Splurge: Zara Home, $169.00

Area Rug

Save: IKEA, $19.99
Splurge: Crate&Barrell, $199.00

Metal Frame Leather Chair

Save: CB2, $329.00
Splurge: Anthropologie, $1,199.95

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a “save” option to complement this Alpaca Head from Anthropologie, so you’re just going to have to fork over the $1,600 for that one.


If there’s one thing I can’t deal with, it’s being surrounded by white walls. It makes me feel like I am going in insane. I once worked in an office surrounded only by empty whites walls, without a window in sight. I waited everyday for them to bring me my straight jacket.

Having also just moved into a new apartment, I know first hand how expensive it can be decorate a new space! Like, crazy expensive!

One of my favorite solutions? Framed gift wrap! Many independent stationary shops, plus larger chains like Paper Source and Papyrus, carry some of the most beautiful gift wrap. It often comes in sheets perfectly sized to fit a standard frame. It can also be easy cut to fit multiple smaller frames, and is literally a fraction of the cost of most wall art prints.

Here are a few of my favorite choices for framed gift wrap that will look beautiful throughout your apartment:
Cavallini Papers & Co. Vintage Maps, $3.95 per sheet (also pictured above): Cavallini Papers & Co. has an awesome collection of vintage map gift wrap that I don’t think I could ever intentionally let be torn up! They feature countries like Italy and the UK, cities like Paris and Venice, plus more!

I purchased the frame for the above map of Manhattan for about $20 at Michaels, making this whole 20”x28” hanging just about $25…not bad!
Papyrus Femme Floral Wrap, $5.95 per roll, : I absolutely love this pattern and will likely be putting it up in our bathroom soon! Using square record frames and rotating the pattern with each hanging will make each panel look a little different.
Cavallini Papers & Co. Donuts Wrap and Macarons Wrap, $2.95 per sheet: I love how colorful both of these prints are! They would look awesome side by side in a kitchen, office, or any other space that needs a little color!

What are you favorite solutions for low-budget decor?


As I mentioned last week, we are gearing up for a move to the Mile-High City in the next few weeks. We are lucky enough to be living in a furnished apartment right now, which means we don’t have much to bring with us. But that also means we are going to have to furnish our whole apartment when we get there!

While it’s going to be a heavy task, I’m really excited about it! One of my favorite parts about our new spot is that there’s going to be enough space for a dining area.

It should come as no surprise that we love to host for meals, so I have been doing some serious dining room daydreaming lately. Here’s what’s catching my eye so far:


Photo from Apartment Therapy

I love the clean lines of this table. One of our challenges is going to be making sure our furniture choices are light-weight enough to keep the space from feeling too tight…it’s going to be a cozy fit!

Photo from With & Delight

I find this combination of chairs and a bench creates such a comfortable and relaxed feel. It’s clearly a place to bring people together and share a meal but without the stuffy feeling of a formal dining room.

Photo from Pop Sugar

This mix of clean white and dark blue really works for me. I also love how the space is defined by an area rug – such a great trick for any large living space that needs to serve multiple purposes.

Can you tell we’ll be picking up some Herman Miller Eames Eiffel chairs? Okay, we can’t afford real ones right now, but luckily there’s some pretty good knock-offs on the market right now!


It’s is so important to fill any office or living room – anywhere you spend a lot of time – with beautiful, energizing things that make you feel good. You can probably guess I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, so that definitely needs to be one of my feel good places! Etsy kitchen prints are my favorite as there’s so many unique and affordable options out there. Here are some of my recent finds:


Smarty Pants Studio, the “self proclaimed best art shop on Etsy,” has some really funny prints in their shop. This One (pictured above) made me laugh the most, but this was a close second.


The Farmhouse Printables shop has tons of clean, white with gold foil prints for any room. This one is definitely my favorite for a kitchen. Maybe it’s because preparing every holiday meal involves me getting down with my bad self while something is in the oven. We’ll never really know for sure.


I’m a big fan of white dishes, party because we rent and move somewhat frequently. Even as our kitchens change I know they’ll always go with the scheme. But I still like to have some color in my space! This retro print from ReStyle Graphic is the perfect mix of color and kitsch!


Luciles Kitchen is probably my favorite shop I’ve found recently. It was so difficult to decide on a single illustrated recipe as they are all so beautiful! I settled on the Carrot Cake because that was our wedding cake (aaawww), but I might get the Bloody Mary too!


What better way to incorporate color than with these vintage-style citrus prints from colorbee? They’re available in so many sizes and could be hung vertically or horizontally to fit virtually any nook of your kitchen!