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As the whether gets colder, I inevitably spend more time at home. And that has me wanting to freshen things up in here a bit! What better excuse than a little fall and holiday decor?

I’m always looking for a few things to celebrate the arrival of my favorite season. To me, fall and winter are characterized by delicious comfort food around a table with friends and family. So, the table is what I love to focus most on! Here are a few of my latest fall tabletop finds:

  1. Ikea | Sittning Vase | $9.99
  2. Modcloth | Winter Cocktails Book | $22.99
  3. Crate & Barrel | Linen Table Runner | $49.95
  4. Target | Gold Flatware Set | $19.99 for one 5-piece set
  5. Zara Home | Skull Wine Glass | $5.95 each
  6. H&M Home | Gold Acorn Plate | $12.99
  7. One Kings Lane | Amber Highball Glasses | $6.00 for set of 4
  8. World Market | Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein Dinnerware | $27.96 for set of 4

Happy Fall!


Crafty is not a word I typically use to describe myself. I don’t often craft, and I don’t consider myself to be great at it when I do.

That being said, I love easy, homemade projects that look unique and save money!

So far I’ve been able to decorate most of our apartment with artwork (and unofficial artwork) that we already had. I was looking for a little something fun for our bar area, and I’m so pleased with the results! Here’s how to make your own:
patterned 12” x 12” scrapbook paper or card stock (I got mine for $0.99 each at Joann Fabric)
adhesive vinyl letters (I used these*)
12” x 12” record frame (I used this one)
pencil & paper (post-its work great!)

*A quick note about the letter size: using the 4-inch letters that I did will only allow you to create 2 rows of text. I learned this the hard when when trying to write “Home Is Where the Gin Is” Tragic, I know. If the quote you want to put on your square will require 3 rows, I recommend you use these 3-inch letters.
First, make sure you choose a color combination (letters and paper) that will be easy to read. Sketch your quote out on paper (post-it’s are great because they are square) and decide which words will go on which line. Keep in mind the size of the letters and don’t make the lines too long.

Start applying you letters in the bottom left corner. Complete the bottom line and then move up from there. Place in the frame and hang!
I love this project because it’s super easy. I found that these letters were actually able to be removed from the page (if done almost immediately) and repositioned if you accidentally misplace it. But I think some imperfections give it more charm!

This project is super customizable, take almost no time to complete, and can be done for less than $20. More money for booze and time to enjoy it!


When (if) I get around to doing an apartment tour of our place here in Denver, you’ll see just how much of our home is furnished with Ikea. I think Ikea often gets a bad rap because some of their lower end furniture isn’t terribly durable.

But what did you expect from a $20 coffee table?

Every year I’m more impressed with Ikea’s mid and high-level offerings. I’m a sucker for Scandinavian design and don’t know of anyone who offers practical small-space solutions as well as they do.

That’s why I am pretty pumped that the Ikea 2016 catalog is here! I spent more time yesterday than I’m willing to admit drooling over the perfectly curated spaces. Even though I know there’s little chance I’ll be as pulled together as the pictured homes, there’s still some really great products and ideas in there!
I am a huge fan of living rooms where the TV blends in with the rest of the decor instead of being the main focus. That can usually be done by arranging your TV on a gallery wall, but these box-shelves take it to another level! Also a really great storage option.
For some reason, filling the wall space above a bed always feels like such an impossible take to me. Even if you have a headboard, it’ll likely only get you halfway above the wall. I love how this long shelf breaks up and wall. It makes it so easy to prop up framed artwork and display your knick knacks!
Ikea is surprisingly a great source for glasses and dishes if you’re on a tight budget. I especially love to go there for things I may only use on occasion rather than everyday, like specialty glassware.
Ikea is a great source for pots and plant accessories, for both inside and out. I’ve also gotten a few live plants there that are still kickin’ it many years later. It’s a great spot if you’re looking to install an indoor garden on a budget.

Are you as in love with Ikea as I am? What are some of your favorite products and solutions?



Memorial Day Weekend is quickly approaching, and as far as I’m concerned that signals the start of summer! Picnics and BBQ’s (obviously featuring some maple baked beans) galore!

I think one of my favorite parts of summer is just spending as much time as possible outside. From morning coffee to sunset beers to s’mores over a fire! Unfortunately our new apartment does not have a patio, but I think apartment balconies can often be the sweetest deal. They’re the perfect place to set up a private outdoor nook and often have the best views!

Here’s a few of my favorite beautiful balconies for summer inspiration!


What I love about this space (also above) seen on Apartment Therapy is that it proves not every outdoor space needs to be big enough for a large group or even a meal for two. This would be such an awesome spot to enjoy your morning coffee or a few glasses of wine after dinner!


How cute is this little secret porch? Also found on Apartment Therapy, this would be the perfect spot for a romantic dinner or catching up with your best friend. A few simple finger foods, a bottle of wine, and your night is made.


The terrace on this amazing Parisian apartment easily takes the cake. The overflowing greenery and rectangular table could not be more perfect. Seriously, if you have space like this, please use it everyday!

Does your apartment have outdoor space? How do you decorate and use it? Best answer: often!


I recently discovered Leaf TV, the brain child of lifestyle and fashion blogger Geri Hirsch and self development expert and blogger Erin Falconer. Have you heard about this? The concept is simple: the site is an archive of 30-90 second videos each demonstrating a simple how-to. The categories range from food to fashion to general lifestyle topics and each video includes written instructions below for clarity.

I’m still exploring everything they offer, but once I came it across it I immediately watched all of the floral arrangement videos. For me, putting flowers in a vase is something that always feels like it should be simple but very rarely comes out as I wanted. Watching a video of someone who actually knows what they’re doing was so helpful!
If you are one of those people with a Pinterest board devoted to beautiful table scapes lined with beautiful flowers, you have to check out the Bud Vase Arrangements video. It’s gives a pretty good idea of how many flowers to buy for how many bud vases. I couldn’t believe how easy it is to get such a nice look.
This Simple Tulips is a little less obvious. It shows how many you need to use for a decent arrangement and how to trim them to make them all fit but still look full. Tulips are everywhere this time of year but I always have a hard time making them look nice. Not this year!
The Pretty in Peonies video opened my eyes to two things. First, that it is possible to use those short square vases in a way that actually looks nice and intentional – something I’ve never achieved. Second, apparently that weird green foam in the craft store can be used for REAL flowers, not just fake ones.

We’re still waiting for all of our stuff to arrive and are spending the week assembling new furniture for our new apartment. It’s going to take a little time to make this place feel like home, but I don’t think a fresh DIY flower arrangement will hurt!

All photos sourced from Leaf TV.